Leveraging Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to Attract Early Talents

Attracting the brightest early talents and having a sound corporate policy on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are a two-way street.

In this guide, we look at how entrenching a culture of diversity can matter so much in attracting and retaining top talents in an increasingly competitive labor market.

Several studies have shown a correlation between having a diverse workforce and the ability to attract top-quality talents. A company culture that reflects diversity, equity, and inclusion can help boost your employer brand.

According to a recent Glassdoor survey, 67% of job seekers prioritize diversity as a key factor when deciding where to work. And that’s not all. As much as 50% of current employees say they’d like to see their employers actually do more to improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion policy.

Driving Innovation with Diversity

Innovation is the best path to success.

Several studies have shown that innovation and novel ideas are commonplace and more prominent in a diverse workforce. According to a Harvard Business Review publication, organizations with above average diversity may generate up to 19% more in higher innovation revenues than those with a less than average workforce.

Another report from Fast Company also posits that having high female representation in C-suite level positions may generate up to 34% more revenue for shareholders. The case for diversity, inclusion, and equity remains very strong in not just attracting early bright talents but also in ensuring short-term success and long-term business growth.

DEI and Employee Engagement

At One Contact Center, we are a strong proponent for workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion. 66% of employers have strategies for hiring diversity, but we take it a step further, joining the fewer 25% who actually set targets and regularly measure their progress.

We’ve seen the great good in maintaining a diverse workforce.

And one of these benefits is the increased employee engagement that also plays a role in boosting workplace productivity and efficiency. A recent Delloite study also found some correlation between improved employee engagement and a diverse workforce.

The value in DEI is just too much to leave on the table.

While we’ve always been a socially responsible organization striving to contribute our quota for the betterment of society, we found out that our policy on diversity and inclusion is also closely related to our output and success as a company.

It also helped us that our diverse workforce helps us serve our equally diverse clientele who rely on our services for their customer support and outsourcing needs. This is a two-way street of give and take that has helped us as we further commit to nurturing a work environment community where everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and religion, among others, feels safe and welcome.




A U.S. based BPO company specializing in customer service, chat, email support & back-office support services. Call 1–888–680–1663. www.onecontactcenter.com

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One Contact Center

A U.S. based BPO company specializing in customer service, chat, email support & back-office support services. Call 1–888–680–1663. www.onecontactcenter.com

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